Hyattsville, United States


Decision Software is an established marketing services and software provider located in Landover, Maryland, near Washington D.C. We are privately owned, stable, and profitable. Here at DSI, we are focused in two areas: 1. Marketing Services - including database hosting maintenance, data hygiene, e-marketing, surveys, marketing automation, CRM, and dashboard reports. 2. Campaign Management Software - our industry-leading MarketWide product works with relational database systems including Oracle and SQL Server, allowing marketers to launch sophisticated multi-stage marketing campaigns, track results, run AdHoc queries, extract data, and create reports. DSI's core philosophy can be spelled out using three letters: ROI. Our proven track record shows that our clients consistently achieve an excellent return on their investment from working with us, and we are dedicated to providing quality marketing services and software at a reasonable price.

2 People work at Decision Software

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