Columbus, United States


Expeed Software is an IT consulting company that helps businesses of all sizes modernize, integrate and optimize their applications and processes to create extraordinary experiences. We are experts in software application development, data analytics, and digital transformation strategy. At Expeed, our team of experts works alongside your company to create flexible digital platforms, empowering you to quickly adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. Driven by the overall solution and not individual tasks, we develop robust and scalable solutions you trust to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and invent new business models using actionable reliable insights. With technology at the center of every strategy, our application development expertise allows companies to quickly react to changing customer demands. Using a platform approach, we use the best of our strategic thinking to ensure every app we develop is scalable, adaptable, and expand your existing digital platform. Our data analytics practice enables enterprises to unleash the potential of their data to drive innovation and growth. When people in every corner of an operation have access to data providing them with actionable insights, transformation and innovation accelerate. Rapid data-driven decision-making puts companies in a position to not only optimize but to be a disrupter in your industry. We also provide digital transformation strategy to clients, helping them reimagine how they create value, both for their clients and for their team. React to market dynamics in months instead of years with a digital ecosystem built to create more revenue streams. Enable better decision-making, power up game-changing efficiencies, and offer a better customer experience with a resilient and agile cross-company digital infrastructure. Expeed's business model is based on having strategic long-term relationships with our clients. At Expeed Software we are problems solved, not just promises made.

1 Person works at Expeed Software

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