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Virtual Sales Leaders come to Factor 8 to grow top-line revenue, market share, or margins and scale their virtual sales team. Although we're best known for training that asks reps to GET ON THE PHONES (live application during training is the only way to train!), we also perform virtual sales benchmark assessments, deliver custom award-winning virtual sales leadership training, private sales coaching, and consulting. At Factor 8 we believe: 1. Results rule and theory stinks. Whether it's training or consulting, we push the number. Every time. That's how we earned ten years of 100% referral business. A few recent results: - 84% increase in qualifies sales leads accepted by ISEs - 150% increase in Acquisition rep quota attainment - 200% increase in BDR lead conversion - 71% increase in Acct. Mgr. quota attainment + record growth! - 52% increase in Inbound call quality scores 2. Experience matters. Don't trust your business to training facilitators or consultants with no inside sales experience. Our Advisors have made the calls, led the teams, run the departments. 3. Not all training is equal. If it wasn't created for virtual sales, it's not going to stick. And those national curriculum houses can't really customize - they make their money on publishing. 4. It's time to budget for training. Our industry spends 25x on recruiting and more than 3x on new sales tools. But lack of development has been reported a #1 challenge and reason for leaving companies for the past 5 years in a row! Maybe you just haven't been spending your training dollar with the right company. Check out our programs at www.factor8.com, our un-edited reviews at https://www.aa-isp.org/service-provider-directory/company/180 or better yet, contact us at info@factor8.com and let's get started.

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