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Embark on a journey of innovation and excellence with Fidel Softech Ltd., a distinguished and leading Lang+Tech+Consulting firm dedicated to empowering organizations and businesses across the globe. With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and sought-after partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services to our esteemed clients especially in USA, UK and Europe. Our team comprises 200+ dynamic experts who seamlessly blend the agility of a startup with the maturity of a world-class organization. Rooted in our core values of quality and environmental consciousness, we have earned the trust of global Fortune 500 companies and agile SMEs alike. Discover our Range of Services: IT Services: Unleash your true potential with our remote team of expert IT professionals. From software development to cloud support, our skilled workforce excels in data analytics with Python, data visualization with Tableau and PowerBI, and ServiceNow administration and customization. Localization: Expand your global footprint with our top-notch localization services. Our translation, interpretation, and vernacular data creation, backed by our patented Linguify solution, ensure seamless enterprise software localization and website translation, amplifying your international presence. Consulting: Empower your workforce with our bilingual staffing solutions. Whether you require direct hires or temporary staffing, we have the perfect talents to complement your unique requirements. FinTech: Embark on a transformative journey with FIXSol (www.fixsol.com), our specialized FinTech division. Explore cutting-edge FIX protocol-based solutions, OMS, test tools, and other FinTech services like client onboarding, content creation, and training. Choose Fidel Softech Ltd. as your trusted partner to experience innovation, seamless collaboration, and unparalleled excellence. Together, let's unlock boundless opportunities for sustainable growth. _
Rakshit Mulge

Rakshit Mulge

Sr. Business Development Executive

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