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At Fine Tune, we specialize in ongoing, vigilant management of the most complex indirect expenses. Our world-class industry experts armed with our proprietary technology, Expense Management Optimization and Auditing Technology (eMOAT℠), maximize client savings and—more importantly—make sure that savings actually materializes and sticks. By solving clients' most persistent indirect expense problems, we help achieve results they didn't know were possible while allowing them to focus on other priorities. Established in 2002, Fine Tune has produced tens of millions of dollars in savings for hundreds of clients throughout the US and Canada. - As a Certified B Corp and a member of the US Business Council for Sustainable Development, Fine Tune is committed to prioritizing people and our planet over profits. - Areas of expertise: * Uniform and Industrial Laundering * Medical, Restaurant and Hospitality Linen * Waste Disposal & Recycling * Pest Control * Security & Guard Services * Energy & Utilities * First Aid and Safety/PPE * Facilities Services Fine Tune Provides: * Cost Savings * Time Savings * Ongoing Expense Management * Auditing and Issue Resolution
Rich Young

Rich Young

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

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