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IdeaScale is a leading #InnovationManagement platform 💡 We empower companies and agencies to harness the collective intelligence of groups through our flexible crowdsourcing software with premium customer service. Our interactive platform encourages everyone from interns to executives to contribute and collaborate, giving every idea an opportunity to flourish. 🌱 We are established as innovation leaders and are the only FEDRamp certified idea management solution on the market. 🚀 Our clients - spanning Fortune 500 companies, major government agencies, nonprofits, and educational institutions - are a testament to our impact, as we help them drive meaningful change and continued success. We're more than just a software provider - we are partners in your innovation journey. 🌏 With our focus on accessibility, scalability, and actionable insights, IdeaScale turns your team's collective knowledge into tangible results. 🎯 Join us in the exciting world of IdeaScale, where your ideas matter, creativity is celebrated, and innovation is ignited! 💡 #IdeaScale #OpenInnovation #EmployeeEngagement #DigitalTransformation #Collaboration #IdeaManagement #CrowdSourcing #InnovationEcosystem #DrivingChange #BridgingGaps #GovTech
Lizzie Fontaine

Lizzie Fontaine

Marketing Manager

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